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“We're liking the simple, intuitive design; the control our angel group has with combining a pipeline with due diligence; the ability to have member-only conversations centered within a single company's page; and the ability to see which other members are interested have all stood out. It's a big step forward from our previous platform.”
Ryan Heit • Valhalla Angels
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How an angel network in Denmark with 500+ members refined their toolbox

“The feedback from our members has been entirely positive that they find it easy to navigate and great for communications with investee companies and each other. We are now using it for all our member communications and events and all our potential investee companies must register etc. The consistency of summaries on the companies and speed of absorbing information is making it so much easier to assess new opportunities.”
Jackie Waring • CEO & Founder of Investing Women Angels
“For 20 years I have used various CRM systems to manage my sales leads. The systems have not been impressive. Becoming a business angel investor I learned about deal flow management systems. The first two systems I met were just as bad as the old CRM systems but Dealum is very good to manage the deal flow funnel and very good for a group (large or small) of angels to review and prioritize potentials deals. I was also impressed by the software's ‘look & feel’ and the ability to use Dealum live at pitch events – on a mobile phone. This makes it fast to give feedback to the startups and to group investor by interest. So now investors are actually using the deal flow management system.”
Thomas Black-Petersen • Danish Business Angels, former NAP lead investor
“Dealum has helped our groups move into the future having added ease and efficiency to our processes to share and syndicate deals. It has also added a new layer of transparency for our Angel members.”
Kate Tomen • Angel Investors Ontario
“It took BAS one year to prepare and decide on a new system and only 2 and a half weeks to onboard on Dealum!

We can already feel the impact this easy to use system has on our members. They immediately start using it (to manage funding rounds, for example) whereas it was almost impossible to have them use our old system. The other good surprise is the reactivity of the Dealum team to our requests. Some changes were made for us in a matter of days!

Thanks to Dealum, a new era has started for BAS, where members are much more aware of what is happening throughout the club.”
Caroline GueissazBusiness Angels Switzerland
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Odense Seed and Venture

How Odense Seed and Venture optimized their workflow and improve their organisation’s overall performance through increasing the number of deals they manage daily

“Dealum is wonderful system to manage the deal-flow in a business angel network and a start-up pitch event. The system is very easy to use while being very flexible to adjust to different organizational requirements. At LitBAN we appreciate their proactive approach and ability to suggest improvements to a prospective solution on both architectural and business levels. We know we can always rely on Dealum when it comes to manage our deal-flow and conduct syndication rounds.”
Gytenis Galkis • Lithuanian Business Angel Network
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How Lithuanian Business Angels Network started using Dealum from the very beginning

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“Dealum has increased the frequency of member engagement by a factor of 3 with more than 60% of members accessing the platform 4 or more times per month. Using our prior platform, members accessed the site on average less than 12 times per year!

The ability to communicate, and indeed effectively interact with each deal has improved information flow, and more importantly, resulted in faster processing of deals and shorter time required from initial receipt to a final decision on investment.”
Jeffrey LangDesert Angels

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