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Reduce time spent on funnel management, increase investor engagement, and co-invest seamlessly
Billed annually

Large network

150+ members

For large BANs and investor groups with high deal flow, several sub-groups, or operations in more than one location

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Dealum pricing is based on the number of member seats in your deal room - a virtual space where you manage your deal flow funnel and collaborate with group members. One user added to your deal room with any level of access counts as one member seat against your deal room limit.

All seller taxes are included in the pricing. Dealum reserves the right to change pricing at any time. Your use of the Dealum services is subject to the Dealum Terms of Service. See our Terms of service and Privacy policy for more details.
Safe and secure
Superior support
Intuitive to use

Reduce time spent on funnel management, increase investor engagement, and co-invest seamlessly

All network plans come with a full feature set to manage your investor group

  • Deal flow funnel
  • Collecting investment interests
  • Company applications
  • Funding rounds and co-investing
  • Company reporting
  • Members and their applications
  • Group portfolio
  • Event management

Dealum for non-profits

Our goal is to support and connect the early-stage ecosystem. This is why we offer a 30% discount from standard pricing for qualifying non-profit organizations.

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Onboarding and data migration



  • upload .xlsx file
  • migrated data: members


One month supported onboarding

  • setup support
  • kick-off call
  • admin training
  • Dealum’s materials for member onboarding
  • supported import from .xlsx file
  • migrated data: members, applications


Two months fully supported onboarding

from €1,500
  • setup support
  • weekly calls during onboarding
  • admin training
  • member training
  • branded materials for member onboarding
  • managed import of standard export files from Gust or Seraf
  • migrated data: members, applications, portfolio, files

Support tiers

StandardGold €100/mo
included in Large network plan
ask for a quote
Account Manager-
Response time3 business days2 business days1 business day
Support & feedback calls-quarterlyper request
Help center
Dealum Community access
Online chatgeneral queuepriority queue for admins+ priority queue for members
Admin refresher trainingopen webinarsannuallyper request
Member refresher training--annually
Additional custom questions-max 3custom
Backend customization-max 2 / yearcustom
Backend data export-max 2 / yearcustom
Paymentscredit card+ annual wire transfer+ monthly wire transfer

Three reasons to choose Dealum for your angel network

We understand that changing your investor group collaboration software is a major step, something you only want to do every five to ten years. Here’s why we believe it’s worthwhile:

You can save a significant amount of time streamlining the funnel management and your members will be more involved and satisfied
You can transfer your existing data from anywhere - we have migrated customer data from various other platforms, including Gust, Proseeder, and Seraf
Your dedicated Account Manager will be assisting you every step of the onboarding process and beyond

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