Power up your investment process with integrations

Integrate Dealum with other tools you use, collect payments, sign documents, use your own email server or set up advanced integrations using our API


Integrate Dealum with another software you use without the need to code. You can track changes in members, applications, or events as well as send new member or company application information from other sources to Dealum.

Zapier add-on is priced at €100/month. For more advanced functionalities and integration, we recommend using Dealum API.


Make paying membership fees a pleasant experience for your investors and reduce manual labor related to collecting fees. Group managers can track payment status, send fee reminders, and view automatically updated membership status in the members’ list. Members can pay directly from the notification with a few clicks.

Transactions take place on your Stripe account, which means they are safe, secure, and funds will be transferred to your bank account instantly.

Stripe integration fee is €100/month. Additional payment processing fees apply, paid directly to Stripe—please refer to Stripe pricing for more info.


Conveniently request, collect, and track electronic signatures on any document you upload to the Dealum platform—for example, membership contract or term sheet. DocuSign integration is available to all platform users.

DocuSign integration on the Dealum platform is free of charge, but additional fees may apply on the partner platform—please refer to DocuSign pricing for more info. In order to use digital signing, you must create a DocuSign PowerForm id on their platform and add it to the document while uploading to Dealum.

Integration API

Automate periodic data exports with our REST Integration API or set up deep integration between Dealum and another software with the Extended API. You will be able to send or receive, create or delete and monitor changes in members, company applications, and events.

Integration API is priced at €100/month. In order to set up an integration without the development need, we recommend using the Zapier integration that provides a set of triggers based on the Extended API.

Identity API

You can limit access to resources on other software to your deal room members only using our Identity API that provides a tool to authenticate and authorize Dealum user or deal room member using OAuth2/OpenID Connect.

Identity API integration fee is €100/month.

Custom email server

You can send out emails from the Dealum platform from your own domain and email address using your custom SMTP server. This way, your applicants and members recognize your emails immediately.

Custom email server fee is €25/month.

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