Founded in April 2017

Dealum is five!

As a birthday gift, enjoy the recordings of our webinars—startup valuation for angel investors & panel discussion about angel investment trends

Our story

We believe that the pre-seed investment ecosystem can become more efficient and connected. This is why we provide investor groups and group managers tools that save their time and streamline processes.

More than developing software, we aim to change the way early-stage investments are made. We are bringing together a collaborative investor ecosystem like no other.

Rein Lemberpuu (Founder)
2006 Playtech plc was listed on the LSE. Core team members Rein Lemberpuu and Rain Kivisik proceeded to invest in startups.
2010 They soon found out that collecting good quality data from companies was difficult and created a checklist process of their own.
2017 As a result of a dreadful experience evaluating thousands of startups in Excel for Slush, they developed a pitching competition management tool.
2018 The platform was developed further to allow BAN managers to share deal flow and engage with members.
2021 Rebranded from Startup Includer to Dealum. Over 10,000 investors on platform.
2022 On its way towards becoming the #1 software for early-stage investor groups all around the world.

Enjoy the recordings

Dealum celebrated its 5th birthday together with Equidam! Equidam helps you to untangle startup valuation with their 12 years of experience in the field.

Startup Valuation for Angel Investors

vol 1 - The Theory

This webinar was part one of the series for all startup angel investors and investment group managers who want to learn more about startup valuation.

We explored the key principles behind startup valuation:

  • How to approach the creation of a valuation (coherence of data and story)
  • Best practices for financial projections and the role they play
  • Sensitivity analysis and risk/return profiles
  • The problem of averages


Daniel Faloppa
CEO of Equidam

Angel Investing Future

Panel discussion

As angel investing is becoming more accessible to people and is seen more as a developed and matured investment segment, those who can predict the trends accurately will have a significant advantage in building successful early-stage investment networks.

This panel discussion with leading angel investor groups and umbrella organisations addressed the questions:

  • What are the regional and global angel investing trends?
  • How to ensure that the traditional angel network remains competitive?
  • What is the influence of macro-economic and geopolitical trends?
  • What will happen in the next 5-10 years in the early-stage capital?
  • What is the role of angel investors and what will it be in the future?

Watch the recording to hear angel group managers sharing their thoughts if you are interested in learning more about future trends in startup and angel investment.


Jeffrey Lang
Board Chairman,
Desert Angels
Jan Debets
Head of Operations,
Business Angels Europe
Reginald Vossen
General Manager,
BAN Vlaanderen
Kate Tomen
Vice President,
Angel Investors Ontario
Jacopo Losso
Director of Secretariat,

Startup Valuation for Angel Investors

vol 2 - The Case Studies

This free webinar was part two of the series for all startup angel investors and investment group managers who want to learn more about startup valuation.

Enjoy the recording to learn more about valuation specifically through the lens of early-stage investors, and how it can be addressed by business angel networks. The webinar topics include

  • Valuation methods
  • When and why to calculate the valuation
  • How to do it efficiently on Equidam
  • Communication of valuation
  • What does the valuation say about the startup
  • Portfolio valuation


Daniel Faloppa
CEO of Equidam