Is your angel group management in the 21st century yet?

Your group could be missing out with an outdated tech stack

Let’s meet at ACA 2022 and talk about how you can improve your group’s deal flow management.

Dealum is the leading deal flow and collaboration platform for angel investor groups. The platform is built with angel network managers in mind making deal sharing and syndication, pipeline and funnel management, and investor communication more efficient while creating a collaborative early-stage investor ecosystem.

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In the last 12 months over $54M has been indicated by individual angels on the Dealum platform

Meet us at ACA 2022

Seren Rumjancevs (CEO of Dealum) and Lewis Sopp (New Business Manager) are at ACA 2022 - The Summit of Angel Investing on May 17-19 in Atlantic City, NJ.

Pre-book a meeting with them on the link below to learn more about Dealum and how its next-generation tools for angel network management can take your group to the next level.

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“Dealum has increased the frequency of member engagement by a factor of 3 with more than 60% of members accessing the platform 4 or more times per month. Using our prior platform, members accessed the site on average less than 12 times per year!

The ability to communicate, and indeed effectively interact with each deal has improved information flow, and more importantly, resulted in faster processing of deals and shorter time required from initial receipt to a final decision on investment.”
Jeffrey LangDesert Angels
“It took BAS one year to prepare and decide on a new system and only 2 and a half weeks to onboard on Dealum!

We can already feel the impact this easy to use system has on our members. They immediately start using it (to manage funding rounds, for example) whereas it was almost impossible to have them use our old system. The other good surprise is the reactivity of the Dealum team to our requests. Some changes were made for us in a matter of days!

Thanks to Dealum, a new era has started for BAS, where members are much more aware of what is happening throughout the club.”
Caroline GueissazBusiness Angels Switzerland

See how Dealum can take your investor group to the next level

Join the Breakfast Briefing - Angel Group Syndication & Technology Best Practices

Thu, 19 May 7:45 AM

You’re invited to join Dealum and Keiretsu Forum for a breakfast briefing on Thursday! Hear about the best practices of angel group syndication and deal flow sharing from some of the most active US angel investor groups who replaced their tech stack with the Dealum platform. A comprehensive demonstration with live deals from Keiretsu Forum will be provided on how to use the platform for investor engagement and deal sharing.

Keiretsu Forum is a global investment community of accredited private equity angel investors, venture capitalists and corporate/institutional investors, founded in San Francisco, California in 2000. Within its worldwide network of 53 chapters on 4 continents capital, resources and deal flow is being shared daily.