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Founded by a team of angel investors

We're improving the way business angel networks and investor groups manage their operations and collaborate

Rein Lemberpuu (right) &
Seren Rumjancevs

We believe in a connected pre-seed ecosystem

We believe that the pre-seed investment ecosystem can become more efficient and connected. This is why we provide investor groups and group managers tools that save their time and streamline processes.

More than developing software, we aim to change the way early-stage investments are made. We are bringing together a collaborative investor ecosystem like no other.

“What makes Dealum special for me is the level of engagement it facilitates between the angel group members, but also how customizable it is to network’s specific processes.”
Rein Lemberpuu • Founder


In 2006, Playtech plc was listed on the London Stock Exchange marking the makings of the very first Estonian unicorn tech company and sprouting several high net worth individuals who had dedicated their time and effort into building the company. Among them the core team members Rain Kivisik and Rein Lemberpuu who proceeded to investing in startups.

Being actively involved in the angel investing scene, Rein got increasingly more connected with the ecosystem as the President of EstBAN and Board Member of NordicBAN. With over 30 investments in their portfolio, Rain and Rein saw that the pre-seed ecosystem had a lot of room for improvement and started Startup Includer (now Dealum), developing software service and tools for investor and angel groups.

April 2017 Founded to change the way pre-seed investments are made
2018–2019 Developed the platform for BAN managers to share deal flow and engage with members
2020–2021 Feature rich platform enabling investor groups to manage and share deal flow
2021 Rebranded from Startup Includer to Dealum
2022 Celebrated our 5th birthday
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Long term
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Our masterplan

By streamlining the processes and connecting the ecosystem, we allow investors to focus on the relationship building aspects of investing rather than the technicalities.

With the tools provided by Dealum, better deals can be made while helping capital and brilliance to move freely across borders building the Big Things of the future.

We measure our success with

  • Fewer resources spent on making an investment
  • More early-stage investors & investments
  • Better deal quality & faster closing
  • Improved cross-border cooperation & sharing between investors

We work hard on

  • Providing a continuously superior funnel management tool
  • Improving networking functionalities to share, discover, and connect
  • Progressing towards end to end deal management
  • Embracing customer-led product roadmap and development

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