Product Features

Dealum makes your life easier

Reduce time spent on funnel management, increase investor engagement, and co-invest seamlessly with the tools provided by Dealum

Save time with better funnel management

Funnel setup

  • Set up a custom multi-step pipeline to review companies
  • Automate repeat actions with step triggers
  • Create email templates for frequent communication

Deal flow management

  • Pre-evaluate companies before presenting to members
  • Rate companies using different criteria, in multiple rounds, or during live events
  • Analyze the deal flow and members’ statistics

Company applications

  • Collect applications with a custom multi-step online form
  • Chat with companies to ask for more info
  • Request monthly reports from companies

Investor communication

  • Discuss deals with your members
  • Share documents
  • Create events and send RSVP invitations

Increase investor engagement and grow your group

Members management

  • Add member application link to your website, review and approve new members
  • View members contact book and their investor profiles
  • Create member groups and configure their access to information on a granular level

Members involvement

  • Use tags allowing members to find and filter relevant info more easily
  • Assign a specific member as an account manager on an application
  • Add tasks to company application and assign them to members

Close rounds and co-invest efficiently

Deal management

  • Add interest indication to deal and see how much has been committed overall
  • Create private funding round to discuss and manage the deal
  • Use the portfolio to track investments

Deal sharing

  • Share the funding round and invite other groups and individuals to join
  • Share, discuss, and sign deal-related documents
  • Assign round lead with specific access rights

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